Best of Diwali 2012 on Tech2

Tech2 wishes all its readers a splendid Diwali and a prosperous New Year. As you go shop-hopping looking for the perfect deal this festive season, do not miss out on Tech2’s extensive Diwali 2012 special articles, laid out just to help you make the best purchases.  


Hot online deals for Diwali 2012 

As Diwali is about great deals, we have listed out some of the best deals you could land yourself online. 


Get gadgeted this Diwali for Rs 50,000

Got Rs 50,000 to blow? Tech2 shows you the options you have for that kind of money. 


Get gadgeted this Diwali for Rs 35,000

For a little lesser, you can still be quite well off. Tech2 lists down all that you can opt for with a Rs 35,000 budget. 


10 Unique low-power lighting options for festivals

Bored of using regular lanterns and lamps for brightening up your space this Diwali? Be different with these unique accessories. 

Have a wonderfully bright, safe and prosperous Diwali!

Have a wonderfully bright, safe and prosperous Diwali!



Get gadgeted this Diwali for Rs 20,000

Don't worry! We've got you sorted even if you're on a Rs 20,000 budget. We've put together options for gadgets that you can pick for that kind of a budget. 


Best smartphones for all budgets to brighten up Diwali

Never mind the budget, there's a smartphone for all pockets. Our comprehensive list shows which smartphones are for you, and can be bought with your budget. The listings are complete with a detailed spec sheet of the smartphone in question along with the price range.


Stay at ease this Diwali with noise-cancelling earphones

Hate noisy crackers? We have a comprehensive list of active noise-cancelling headphones for you, so you may gift yourself a perfect music listening experience. 


How To: Enjoy fireworks safely

Tech2 shows you how to enjoy the fireworks this festive season minus the risks. We show you how to build a simple circuit to build an electronic ignitor to light up your fireworks from a safe distance.


So Have  Happy and safe Diwali dear readers! And for more Diwali news check out this link here.

Published Date: Nov 13, 2012 10:38 am | Updated Date: Nov 13, 2012 10:38 am