Best HDTVs in every size

Looking for a comprehensive list of the best TVs in each category? You’re in luck. We scoured the market to find you the top TV in the most popular categories. Let’s start with the kids.

We start here with the TVs that are put in kids’ rooms and basically second screens in the house. So we don’t need the biggest, baddest guys in town.

Samsung's champ in the sub-30 category

Samsung's champ in the sub-30 category


Our pick: Samsung 22-inch F5100
Samsung’s 22-incher offers most bang for your buck here. Most importantly, despite the small size, it doesn’t scrimp on resolution. This one is a Full HD LED backlit LCD and at the official price of Rs 16,200, it’s quite a steal. The F5100 has a USB-to-USB data transfer facility, allowing you to play compatible files directly from the USB device. The Clear Motion rate or refresh rate is 100Hz and the dual downfiring speakers provide 3.0 (each speaker) watts of RMS output. All in all, this one is a great option for budget, small-size TVs.

Arguably the most popular option in the market, 32-inchers are dime-a-dozen. Obviously picking the best out of the hundreds is a bit of a task. But here’s one that was clear of the rest.

LG's TV is a popular choice in this segment

It may look plain, but this one has a great mix of features at the right price


Our pick: LG 32-inch LS4600
This LG offering hits the sweet spot between features and price and at the official price of Rs 37,500 it sits higher than its 720p or WXGA counterparts. This one is also a full HD LED backlit LCD with a 100 Mhz refresh rate. Like the above Samsung, this one also had USB support for playing compatible files and has ample HDMI ports (3) for all your peripherals. In addition, there’s Simplink and DLNA support for mobile streaming too.

While the 32-inch category is very popular, the 42-inch segment is also growing at a great pace in India. A TV this size better be the star of the living room, so let’s not compromise on quality while trying to get a bargain. Here’s what we chose.


LG takes the 42-inch category


Our pick: LG 42-inch LA6130
LG once again gets the nod here, and the LA6130 is a beast in this segment. One would think the price of Rs 70,000 is slightly too high for a TV in this segment, but LG has packed this thing with the most high-end features. The first thing that will catch your eye is that this is a 3D TV, and there’s depth control for tuning the intensity of the 3D effect like in the higher-end models. Dual Play lets two users play a multiplayer game without a split-screen thanks to the polarised glasses (the TV comes with four) which show each player a different picture. On the downside there are only two HDMI ports and a singular USB 2.0 port, so your peripheral options are limited.

45-50 inch
We are in big-boy territory now and here there is intense competition among manufacturers to out-spec each other. As a result, you will find TVs with incredible features, but they will also be priced accordingly.


Samsung's 46-incher looks great and has premium 3D features


Our pick: Samsung 46-inch F6800
Samsung’s 46-incher is a powerhouse 3D TV with a price tag of Rs 1,14,900. That’s clearly a premium, but consider the features first. This one is motion and voice control ready, making switching channels and adjusting settings a cinch. The glass frame design lends it a sleek look. Not that it’s particularly fat. The speakers are down-firing and each of the two is rated for 10 watts of RMS output. The TV comes with 2 3D Active glasses, and IR extender cable, and a Smart Touch Control remote. There are plenty of HDMI ports (4) and 3 USB ports too for interfacing with other devices. This one is a smart TV so you can surf the web as well as some in-built apps such as Skype, Twitter and Facebook when connected to a network. Wi-Fi direct support means you can wirelessly stream from mobile devices when on the same network.

If we are looking at 55-inchers, might as well go the whole hog and take a gander at the best 4K options in the market. We have three options to choose from – LG, Samsung and Sony. Here’s our pick.


Sony's brand-new 55-incher is a 4K TV


Our pick: Sony 55-inch KD-55X9004
With four times the resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) of a full HD TV, this 55-inch wonder is a new entrant in the market. At Rs 3,04,900, it’s certainly not everyone’s TV. It boasts Sony’s new 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine and has a Triluminos display with LED backlighting that is said to replicate even bold colours including hard-to-reproduce reds and greens. One of its USPs is the magnetic fluid speaker technology – a pair of stereo speakers flanking the display. Utilising a Signal-to-Sound Architecture, they deliver smooth midrange, lower vibration and deep bass. The front-facing speakers definitely give this TV a unique, if slightly, retro look. This one is Wi-Fi enabled and offers a wide range of Internet-connected services, including Sony’s one-touch mirroring for streaming mobile content and TV SideView for streaming from media sources across the home. There are 4 HDMI, 3 USB v2.0 ports and a Ethernet jack as well for wired connectivity.

As we move into rarer climates, the options are few. The big brands dominate this segment too. Once again it’s between the top three manufacturers. Who’ll come out on top this time?


Amazing display tech and a clever sliding speaker design


Our pick: LG 65-inch LA9700
This 65-inch Ultra HDTV delivers an incredible 8.3 million pixels per frame. Its incredible picture quality has received the certificate of validation from Intertek and Underwriters Laboratories (UL), two of the most respected product testing and certification bodies in the world. LG’s Tru-ULTRA HD Engine maximises image clarity to improve sharpness and eliminate blurring in the up-scaling process. LG has equipped its new Ultra HD TVs with Nano Full LED backlighting. As a result, illumination control is greatly enhanced. Additionally, the company’s FPR 3D technology provides a crosstalk flicker-free 3D viewing experience that enables the user to wear comfortable, lightweight 3D glasses. This one also boasts the Dual Play feature. LG has complemented the picture technology with a 4.1 channel, 50W sound system that includes sliding speakers. This cleverly concealed sound bar boasts four forward-facing speakers.

While the 84-inch 4K models in this segment would be tempting to say the least, they are impractical for most households, not to mention priced sky high. Which is why, we’ve picked something that won’t break your trust fund or your walls.


Samsung's packed the best its got into this 75-incher


Our pick: Samsung 75-inch F6400
At Rs 4,19,900, this 75-incher is easily one of the most expensive models in the market. Naturally at this price point, you expect the very best in the world and Samsung has not scrimped on any aspect. The smart TV software brings apps and the Internet to your TV, even though Samsung doesn’t have the best UI out there. The 3D TV aspect is packed with features that are routinely seen in the high-end category. Micro dimming and the 3D HyperReal engine makes 3D content easy on the eyes. As usual, Samsung lets users plug in USB drives for media playback or use the wireless connectivity options for streaming content from servers and your PC. The near bezel-free design is great, but it’s the dual stands that lend this one a unique look. This one too comes with a touch-enabled remote control and the TV is prepped for facial recognition (for parental locks) and voice control too.

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Published Date: Oct 17, 2013 01:24 pm | Updated Date: Oct 17, 2013 01:24 pm