Bengaluru lad eyes top place in YouTube Space Lab competition

"Sachin is interested in how heat transfers in special magnetic liquids called ferrofluids. Could these unusual liquids be used to create advanced cooling systems on Earth and to take us even deeper into space?" This is how, 18-year old, Aerospace Engineering student from Bengaluru, Sachin Kukke's experiment reads, which he hopes will fetch him the top position at YouTube's Space Lab competition. Hear him explain his experiment in detail by watching the video below.




Kukke's experiment is among the chosen six, from 60 such finalists that have been uploaded on YouTube, which include Emerald Bresnahan of U.S, New Zealand duo Patrick Zeng and Derek Chan, Spaniard duo Laura Calvo and Maria Vilas, Egyptian Amr Mohammed and Dorothy Chen and Sara Ma of U.S. Sachin's experiment proposal, is reportedly the best to have come from the Asia Pacific region. 


His experiment aims to answer - Does microgravity affect the thermal conductivity of a ferrofluid subjected to a magnetic field? Ferro fluids are special magnetic liquids, which Kukke by his experiment will ascertain, if they are useful in creating advanced cooling systems on Earth. Here's a little piece of information about the YouTube Space Lab competition, itself, for those not in the know. Supported by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, YouTube Space Lab is a global online search, looking out for experiments by 14-18 year olds, which will be conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) and will be live streamed on YouTube.


Spelling what the winners stand to get, an official YouTube Space Lab post states that, "Regional winners from around the world will win a trip to the USA where they'll get to take an exhilarating zero-G flight and also receive a brand new Lenovo IdeaPad U300s. At a special event, the two regional winners who have been selected as the global winners will be announced", while the global winners "get their experiment performed on the International Space Station which will be live streamed on YouTube around the world. They'll also get an amazing space experience of their choice. They could go to Japan to watch their rocket blast off on its way to the International Space Station or they could, when they turn 18, take a one of a kind, genuine space training experience at the same facilities where Yuri Gagarin first trained to become a cosmonaut - the week long trip will include everything from a VIP tour of Moscow to a personalized space flight suit as a souvenir."

Published Date: Feb 23, 2012 04:40 pm | Updated Date: Feb 23, 2012 04:40 pm