Bemilo SIM helps parents monitor their child's mobile usage

Only a parent would know of the nightmares that come along with them buying a mobile phone for their kid, for there’s just so much that one can do and is exposed to. If you’re a parent and you worry about what use your kid puts his mobile to, who his friends are, what are they like, among other things, then you certainly aren’t a rarity. Kids today text in classrooms, lose their sleep over incessant messaging, browsing the web, among other things and parents, who are usually unaware of all this end up paying a hefty bill. Worse case scenarios see kids ending up becoming victims of bullying through technology. What if there was a technology that could help parents let their kids use their mobile phone the way they would, while still be able to be in the know of whatever’s happening, and perhaps even decide if the kid should do something, or not. Enter Bemilo.

Bemilo for a safe mobile experience

Bemilo for a safe mobile experience



According to its description on its official site, Bemilo is UK’s safest mobile network, which is managed by parents and used by children. The service claims to offer parents complete control of their kid’s mobile phone by putting them in the controlling position by using a SIM card!


The Bemilo safety pack costs from £2.95 a month, “with calls, SMS and data purchased as part of a competitive pay as you go tariff.” The safety pack comes with a SIM card, which on inserting on their kid’s mobile phone will allow parents to keep a track on all those who their kids can contact and all those who can contact their kid, what time of day their children can use their phone and when they can browse the web. Parents will also be able to review all the calls and SMSes at any time. They can even block bullies instantly, while also keeping a tab on the monthly mobile spending of their kids. 


The site further clarifies that the service is not available as an app, and deliberately so, since the service is based on its network level security and other network services, something which app developers do not possess. Bemilo will work on any mobile device, be it tablets or smartphones. However, Bemilo cannot support BlackBerry services at present. Interestingly, the service allows parents to switch the phone’s calls, data and SMS off during school hours, and still be able to contact their child and also the other way round, should they find the need to. 


An interesting service, Bemilo is currently only available in the UK. Do you think we need something similar for young kids in our country, too, considering that children are growing increasingly tech-savvy? Would you pick something like this for your kid? Do let us know what your views on this are, in the comments section below. 


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Published Date: May 22, 2012 03:16 pm | Updated Date: May 22, 2012 03:16 pm