Ballmer calls Google a monopoly that must be controlled

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is not known to pull any punches and the soon departing chief blasted Google’s practices during Microsoft's internal financial analysts meeting.

The Verge reports that Ballmer, who will be stepping down from his post at Microsoft sometime next year, was speaking to analysts about how the company can make more money through search and used the example of Google. "They have this incredible, amazing, dare I say monopoly that we are the only person left on the planet trying to compete with," the report quoted Ballmer as saying. He went to say that "we're the only guys in the world trying," to fight against Google’s domination with Bing.

Could he be hinting at a Microsoft smartphone?

Guys, Google is evil!


Ballmer went on to say that Google’s practices should be under the scanner. "I do believe that Google's practices are worthy of discussion with competition authority, and we have certainly discussed them with competition authorities," he said.

Microsoft has been tussling with Google in a lot of arenas. The Redmond company has received mixed reactions to its ‘Scroogled’ campaigns, which supposedly expose Google’s corrupt practices. In Europe, Microsoft is leading the charge against Android and Google to change the way search results are displayed and the manner in which apps are preloaded on Android.

Despite Google’s dominance of the search market in the US and around the world, Ballmer remains confident that Bing will gain more ground. A good start is that Apple will be using Bing to power Siri searches and that already gives Microsoft a major chunk of iOS searches. "That advertising marketplace right now, Google has pretty well defensed. But I think we've got a pretty good attack strategy. It will take a little bit more time, and a little bit more patience. I think it will have great economic return for our shareholders, and at the same time changes a lot of the competitive dynamics overall between our companies," Ballmer said.

Published Date: Sep 21, 2013 14:43 PM | Updated Date: Sep 21, 2013 14:43 PM