Aviary for iOS gets Colour Splash tool, announces 50 million monthly users

Aviary has released an update for its iOS app, which brings the much-loved feature Colour Splash from the Android app to Apple’s platform. Coinciding with the feature, Aviary has also announced that it has passed 50 million monthly active users, a 100 percent growth in the past six months.

In a major update, the company bumped the iOS app to version 2.1.0, with a couple of new features. The Colour Splash tool that is now available in the iOS version of Aviary will allow you to strip out colours from your images and make it black and white. You can then go on to use your finger as a paint brush to return the colour to only specific parts of the image.

There is a small magnifying tool available for you to zoom in and out of the image to finely return colour to the original image.

Aviary for iOS finally gets Colour Splash

Aviary for iOS finally gets Colour Splash


In a great move, Aviary has bunched together options like brightness, saturation, contrast and warmth into one tool called “Adjust”. This will help users make adjustments to the image without having to run back and forth between these tools. You can spend as long as you want with your image with the Adjust tool now. Of course, the update also contains minor bug fixes and improvements.

Aviary also announced in a blog post that it is now serving over 50 million monthly active users. The company said that its apps have helped people edit more than four billion photos. This success of Aviary is not its alone, but partner apps like Flickr, Pic, Stitch and Tango too have an important role in bringing together such a huge amount of users into the photo editing software’s kitty. As of now, Aviary has 4,662 partners, up from 2,500 in March.

Additionally, Aviary has announced that it plans to go international with this landmark figure. The company is opening its first international office in Tokyo, Japan. “This year, we’ve seen huge demand from users and partners right across Asia. Partners are taking advantage of our localized SDK for photos and stickers, and are also working with us to create custom content for their users,” wrote Tobias from Aviary in the blog, explaining the company's decision to expand to Asia.

The photo editing application seems to be going places with the slow but steady growth of users across all its application. If you still do not have Aviary on your iOS device, you can download it from the App Store here.

Published Date: May 29, 2013 03:53 pm | Updated Date: May 29, 2013 03:53 pm