Atomicom announces Kickstarter campaign for Super Off-Road

Atomicom is announcing the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for cross-platform title Super Off-Road. After the successful launch of its cross-platform title Bang Bang Racing on Android for PC, PS3 and Xbox the team is taking its next title off the tarmac and onto the dirt.

Super Off-Road will feature full 3D physics and graphics, 6 tracks with multiple routes, 4 classes
of car with 8 vehicles in total. The team has decided to launch a crowd-funding campaign rather than seek a publisher, and are hoping to generate $30,000 through the campaign with the title to launch in early 2013.

The company has created a humorous kickstarter video and worked with Youtube comedian and gaming geek 'Francis', who became popular through his Diablo 3 Error 37 Rage video which generated just under 3 million YouTube views. View more information about the Kickstarter campaign here.


The Kickstarter page explains how the game will work. Players start the game as a rookie and with a small amount of cash, along with their first car. The main idea of the game is to work your way through a calendar year entering single race, multi-race and championship events to earn money that can be spent on upgrading your car, buying new vehicles and entering more events.

Atomicom launched the Android and iOS title Switch in 2011. The endless racer sees the player having to avoid barriers and enemy ships whilst the game keeps accelerating. It is positioned as one of the fastest mobile experiences. The game has received praise from its fans and reviewers alike. Atomicom and Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that Switch will be redesigned exclusively for Playstation Mobile, and will have extras such as new game modes as well as the original, new enemies, power-ups and objectives. The game's already stunning graphics will be improved. The title is set for release in Q4 2012 on PSM devices, including Sony Tablets and PS Vita.

One of the vehicles in Super Off-Road - a buggy

One of the vehicles in Super Off-Road: A buggy


In Q1 2012 Atomicom used the popular Appbackr website to sell wholesale copies of their title House of Golf, which generated early development money that the company used to finish the title. Though Appbackr is not a donating website, it is able to resell its wholesale copies when the title goes live, and earn a return on its investment. House of Golf will be released in early September this year for iOS/ Android tablets and phones. The PC and Mac OS versions would follow shortly after.

House of Golf is a console quality game with full 3D graphics and physics. The game crosses crazy golf with micro-machines and gives the player access to 45 holes across 5 different environments, all based inside a house. Through the Garage, Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Attic, the player faces fun and challenging holes to beat.

Published Date: Aug 16, 2012 10:23 am | Updated Date: Aug 16, 2012 10:23 am