Atari's Greatest Hits Now On Apple's App Store

One of the latest apps to feature on Apple’s App store is Atari’s Greatest Hits. This app features the best 100 from Atari’s collection so far.

Owning a memorable collection

Owning a memorable collection


For all Atari Games lovers, this seems to have made for a ‘must have’ app. The app features Centipede and BreakOut, among others. 92 of these titles featured are from Atari 2600 and other the rest from Atari Arcade. A free universal app, Atari’s Greatest Hits app includes a free version of Pong, and each extra 4-game pack will cost $0.99.


Alternately, buying the whole collection in-app will cost $14.99. The games have all been ported to be used on the Apple’s OS with touchscreen controls. These games also enable multiplayer facilities, and some of them come with Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, these games have black and white to colour switch modes.

However, lovers of classic Atari games like Pac-Man, Pitfall, River Raid, and E.T. will be disappointed, as these games don’t feature in the app’s list.

Published Date: Apr 08, 2011 05:30 pm | Updated Date: Apr 08, 2011 05:30 pm