ASUS launches new 3D Blu-Ray external writer

ASUS has announced the launch of its new BW-12D1S-U external 3D Blu-ray writer that has burning speeds of upto 12X and features a new Optical Tuning Strategy (OTS) technology. The BW-12D1S-U has a diamond-shaped form that includes a blue power indicator along with a stand that allows for both horizontal, as well as vertical placement for better space management. 12X burning speeds are accessible via USB 3.0.

ASUS' new 3D Blu-Ray external writer

ASUS' new 3D Blu-Ray external writer


The ASUS Blu-ray devices support 3D playback across the entire range, offering 2D to 3D conversion, and full 1080p HD. The writer also allows upscaling of non-HD DVD content to HD standards. Audio performance for all Blu-ray content supports both Dolby EX and 5.1-channel DTS-HD. These sound decoding mechanisms help eliminating degradation of original audio sources.

According to ASUS, their current Blu-ray writer line-up offers the world’s fastest Blu-ray burning speeds, with the BW-12D1S-U writer performing at up to 12X via USB 3.0. Additionally, OTS technology ensures optimized burn strategies for each job. The BW-12D1S-U Blu-ray writer is priced at an M.R.P of Rs. 9,350 and comes with a 1 year warranty. More details can be obtained from here. `

Published Date: Sep 28, 2011 03:34 pm | Updated Date: Sep 28, 2011 03:34 pm