ASUS Announces The P8P67 and P8H67 Series Motherboards

ASUS today announced a range of motherboards with full support for the Intel Sandy Bridge processors. The P8P67 and P8H67 line of motherboards are based on the Intel P67 and H67 chipsets. The new motherboards introduce DIGI+ VRM technology. The ASUS exclusive feature offers digital CPU voltage regulation for improved reliability, stability and performance.

The ASUS P8P67 and the Sabertooth P67

The new motherboards also feature Dual Intelligent Processors 2 technology, which consists of twin embedded co-processors that ensure optimized energy consumption and enhanced performance controls, which are not available in other motherboards. Other exclusive features include mouse controlled EFI BIOS interface as well a bluetooth management application called BT! GO.

“The new ASUS motherboards based on the P67 and H67 chipsets employ several new features like DIGI+VRM, DIP2 , EFI BIOS and BT GO!, to give users increased functionality and performance. We have brought an extensive portfolio of products based on this new platform across various price segments to cater to all users - from casual to high end - so that everyone can fully utilize the benefits of this new platform. We are confident that users looking at migrating to the new P67 and H67 chipsets will find these new motherboards from ASUS best suited for their needs,” commented Mr. Vinay Shetty – Country Head – Component Business, ASUS (India) about the launch of the new motherboards.

ASUS has a total of twelve motherboards under the P8P67 and P8H67 line, the price and model numbers are as follows:

  • P8H67-M EVO – Rs. 8,500/- (excluding taxes)
  • P8H67-M PRO – Rs. 7,800/- (excluding taxes)
  • P8H67-V – Rs. 7,400/- (excluding taxes)
  • P8H67-M – Rs. 7,100/- (excluding taxes)
  • P8H67-M LE – Rs. 6,400/- (excluding taxes)
  • P8H67-M LX – Rs. 5,700/- (excluding taxes)
  • Maximus IV Extreme – Rs. 21,850/- (excluding taxes)
  • P8P67 Deluxe – Rs. 11,850/- (excluding taxes)
  • P8P67 – Rs. 10,400/- (excluding taxes)
  • P8P67 Pro – Rs. 11,500/- (excluding taxes)
  • Sabertooth P67 - Rs. 12,500/- (excluding taxes)

Published Date: Jan 18, 2011 03:07 pm | Updated Date: Jan 18, 2011 03:07 pm