ASUS announces Maximus V Formula motherboard for Rs. 22,650

Making its first appearance on the Asus ROG Maximus V Formula gaming and overclocking motherboard, Fusion Thermo combines improved passive air heat dissipation with liquid cooling readiness. It represents another ROG exclusive and the first such design on any commercially-available motherboard. Asus has applied for a Fusion Thermo patent and the feature has garnered official endorsement from ten of the most renowned makers of liquid cooling hardware, including Swiftech and EKWB. Fusion Thermo offers customers the utmost thermal flexibility and efficiency for intense gaming, overclocking and case modding.

Launched in India

Maximus V Formula motherboard with Fusion Thermo launched in India


Maximus V Formula first introduced Fusion Thermo at ASUS Z77 global seminars in February, showcasing the world’s first design of its kind. It consists of a premium aluminium heatsink, which expedites heat removal beyond the capabilities of standard materials. Inside, a high-efficiency heat pipe conducts temperatures away from CPU VRMs for enhanced stability and in the process providing excellent performance in typical air-cooled setups.

The key aspect of Fusion Thermo is its hybrid design, embedding an all-copper water channel within the heatsink alongside the heat pipe. It is therefore equally efficient for air cooling as it is in water cooling, so that customers are ready for both thermal efficiency and flexibility. On either end of the Fusion Thermo, electroplated barbs can connect to liquid cooling setups, which are made simpler with less hardware modification and faster installs. Asus claims that ROG tests show that compared to passive dissipation, Maximus V Formula with Fusion Thermo operates at a temperature 30 percent lower when fitted with a Swiftech H20-320 Edge water-cooling kit; and it is 20 percent cooler than passive heat removal when equipped with an H30 360 water cooling kit from EKWB. Asus has applied for a Fusion Thermo patent, owing to the feature being a world exclusive that has been entirely designed in-house. 

Based on independent tests and usage, ten of the most established providers of liquid cooling systems have officially endorsed Fusion Thermo. They are EKWB, Swiftech, Thermaltake, Zalman, Alphacool, Aquacomputer, XSPC, Koolance, Bitspower and Asus claims that all praise Maximus V Formula for its advanced features and accommodation of a hybrid air and water cooling design, and for Fusion Thermo’s high degree of compatibility with their products.

Commenting on ROG, Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech Chairman said, “We’re very excited to see ROG, as the world’s leading gaming motherboard brand, developing a flexible hybrid design such as Fusion Thermo for its products, which in turn will help bring the full benefit of water cooling to more PC enthusiasts globally."

“As a company who is offering the widest product range for ASUS models, we found that installing a water cooling kit is much easier on the ROG Maximus V Formula with ROG’s Fusion Thermo, which therefore helps our products reach a wider audience. It has also proven highly compatible with our designs, and much more efficient than conventional cooling in terms of lowering temperatures for better system stability and overclocking potential," commented Edvard König, EKWB Managing Director.

The Maximus V Formula is available in India for Rs. 22,650. For more information on Fusion Thermo, click here.