ASUS AM3 Motherboards Get BIOS Updates, Support AM3+ and Bulldozers

ASUS have announced BIOS updates to their existing AMD Socket AM3 motherboards, which will make them compatible with AM3+ processors, including those in the Bulldozer series which has now been renamed to the FX-series.

The Crosshair IV Extreme and Formula are included

The Crosshair IV Extreme and Formula are included


Currently, the motherboards based on the 890FX/SB850 and 890GX/SB850 chipsets are the only ones to receive updates, but AMD have also announced upcoming M5A motherboards which will boast of AM3+ compatibility with the 880G, 870G and 760G chipsets.

AMD had previously stated that the Bulldozer CPUs would require AM3+ motherboards, but it seems they’ve switched plans and gone with their tried-and-tested backwards compatibility route anyway. In a world where Intel users have to constantly change motherboards (Sandy Bridge processors require yet another different socket), AMD’s commitment to backwards compatibility is a refreshing change, even if older motherboards don’t manage to unlock the full capabilities of their processors.

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Published Date: Mar 19, 2011 01:36 pm | Updated Date: Mar 19, 2011 01:36 pm