Ask John Chen, Business Head, Mobile Communication Business, ASUS India

It’s interview time again and this time we’ve got John Chen who’s the Business Head for Mobile Communication Business for ASUS India. Like we did with Atin Bose of Playstation, we’re giving you, dear readers, the floor. If you have any questions for Mr. Chen regarding ASUS’ current standing in the Indian market with regards to mobile handsets (Asus Garmin) and what the company’s plans are, this is the place to ask those questions.

The place is here and the time is now to ask your questions and get them answered. The floor is yours guys, go nuts. ASUS will have access to all of your queries and we’ll try and get the best possible answers for you.

We’ll be taking questions for a week and after which the answers will be published right here.

Update: We were just informed that Mr. Chen is only handling the Mobile Handset segment i.e. ASUS Garmin for this sector. Please direct your questions/queries to that segment only.

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Published Date: Aug 02, 2010 06:23 pm | Updated Date: Aug 02, 2010 06:23 pm