As devs get iOS 6 in beta, screenshots abound

Apple has provided developers with a beta version of iOS 6 and of course, there are some pleased to get the images out there. Some pictures are of course provided on Apple's website as a preview to the mobile OS, others have been taken by various developers, or at least, those that have developer access to the mobile OS. As far as the basic look and feel goes, there isn't much that's different. Some handy features that I, as an iOS user am looking forward to include being able to attach a photo within an email directly from the email body itself. This opens up the ability to attach multiple pictures to one email, unlike before, because of the nature of the process of emailing images, you could only send one per email. Another handy feature is the ability to reject calls and set a note for yourself to call the person back. While I don't care really for the second part of that function, the ability to reject a call has been long missed since I switched to iPhone.


The App Store looks like it's getting a little bit of a makeover. With Facebook integration into the store, it makes sense that Apple would change up the look and feel of the store a little bit. However, it's the Facebook integration into the OS that might be just as annoying as it sounds. When you want to tweet an image from your phone, with the way iOS 5 integrated Twitter, the screen in which you wrote your tweet looks more like a notepad. However, Facebook integration looks a little more genuine to the Facebook experience. It looks like Apple has integrated what looks like the Facebook status window itself into the OS. However, one can hope that this feature doesn't lead to overclogging of News Feeds.


The Maps app that Apple has integrated looks pretty much like Google maps with the drop pins and we really will have to wait and see how useful all its features are in India. Passbook looks like a promising feature as well and one thing we could all wish for is having e-tickets on mobile screens be acceptable enough to enter an airport with. What looks cool is the browser. When you view a page in Safari in iOS 6, you will be able to make the website you're looking at go full screen with one tap. Another feature, built right into the settings menu is the Do Not Disturb feature. While some of us don't turn on push notifications for various reasons, I have a feeling this feature is going to be more welcome by people surrounding push notificationers (PN) than the PNs themselves. Take a look at the iOS 6 gallery. Which feature are you looking forward to most?

Published Date: Jun 21, 2012 04:40 pm | Updated Date: Jun 21, 2012 04:40 pm