Archos teases world's slimmest tablet - GT10 XS

Archos, the French manufacturer of tablet PCs, might not have as strong a presence in the Indian market, but on a global scale they manage to rank themselves up with some of the bigger players. They rank no.5 in the top 5 tablet manufacturers worldwide and in the European sector, Archos has quite a fan following and that accounts for a rather large market sum. Reports are claiming that that the European company has big plans to increase sales by more than half in 2012. The word is that Archos’ revenue could exceed 260 million Euros, this year after more than doubling to 171 million euros in 2011.

World's Slimmest Tablet

World's Slimmest Tablet




A recent video of an all new Archos tablet has been making rounds and getting quite a bit of attention from the community. Although, the video really doesn’t state anything too specific, the device portrayed certainly comes off quite sharp in terms of looks. The grapevine has it that Archos is working on a super slim tablet to take on the likes of the Samsung and Toshiba tablets. The device, called the G10 XS is slated to be in the 7.5mm depth league putting up ahead of the rest. It’s already being touted as the world’s slimmest tablet. Take a look at the video –





From the above video it’s quite evident that we’re looking at an Asus Transformer, like tablet with a full QWERTY keypad that also acts as a case for the tablet. Some reports say that the total depth of the device comes in at about 12mm, which includes the case/keyboard. That’s not all that different from the almighty iPad. Pricing is expected to be somewhere in the Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 range (200 Euros and 400 Euros). Archos adding a new addition to their Elements range of devices that will be priced under 200 Euros. For the emerging markets, Archos’ Arnova branded devices coming out of their Chinese divisions should make for an interesting feel to the current market trend of low budget tablets.


This should give the company and extended sales boost for the next half of the year. Archos CEO Henri Crohas had this to say - "Growth will continue at the same pace and this could also continue in the years to come."



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Published Date: Mar 15, 2012 04:57 pm | Updated Date: Mar 15, 2012 04:57 pm