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Come December and everyone’s in party mode. Christmas and New Year's Eve are occasions to let your hair down. While party hopping may sound fun, if you find yourself organising one, then you will realise just how much of work it actually involves. Right from inviting the guest to getting RSVPs and organising the food, liquor and numerous other details, you will soon find yourself burried in stacks of to-do lists. And keeping a track of them all is no small feat. You may create these lists on your PC, but then, accessibility at all times is a problem. What will come to your rescue are numerous apps that allow you to plan every aspect of you party. Whether it’s the Christmas party you are planning or the New Year's bash, these apps will help you organise all the details of your gathering, right from the guest list to the entertainment. There are plenty of apps out there and we have picked a few of them to get you started.          


Plan your partyPlan your party...right here

Plan your party...right here


If you have ever organised a party, you will be only too well aware of the amount of planning that goes into it, not to mention the number of things you have to take care of. Right from sending out invites to organising the menu and getting the other preps done, if you are doing it on your own, then you will end up with more lists than you can manage. What you need then is an app that will allow you to plan every aspect of your party, down to the last detail. And there are many such apps out there that will help you do exactly just that. For iOS users, there are apps like iParty (Rs. 55) and PartyPlanner Pro (Rs. 110).  Both these apps allow you to plan your party, invite people, get RSVP’s, create checklist, to-do list etc. They contain ready templates of lists, which can be customised to meet your needs. PartyPlanner Pro has Facebook integration, which makes the process of adding contacts and inviting people quite a breeze. For Android users, there is Party Planner (Rs. 53.84) that features party related templates that can be modified and reused several times. However, while Party Planner allows you to share your checklists with others via email, there is no option to invite people.  


FoodGet Christmas recipes here

Get Christmas recipes here


Food undoubtedly plays an important role and catering to various palates can be quite exasperating. The challenge is to have a spread that’s both scrumptious and not too taxing on you to get it ready. And finding such recipes should be no trouble at all thanks to a number of foodie apps that bring cuisine from all around the world at your fingertips. One very popular app both for Android and iOS is Big Oven. This free app features over 250,000+ recipes. But what adds to its popularity is the fact that the app allows you to key in the ingredients that you have access to and the app will suggest you recipes that you can dish out. This will also come in handy when there are leftovers from the party. Another popular app is DinnerSpinner that features recipes that have been tried and tested by other users. And just like Big Oven, even here you have the option to scan recipes based on ingredients. The free app is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. And if you are looking for an app for Christmas recipe, the Christmas Recipes Collection available for iOS (Rs. 55) is a great app to look at.       


Bar TendingImpress your guests with your bar tending skills

Impress your guests with your bar tending skills


To keep spirits high, you need what else, but ‘spirits’. You may go plain vanilla or show off your bar tending skills by stirring up concoctions that will create quite a buzz. And don’t worry, you won’t be putting your guests' life in any danger, as you can have the bar tending apps to guide you. While you may not turn into a mixologist overnight, you will certainly earn some fan following. iOS users can look at the free Cocktail Catalog Drink Recipes app or the iBartender app (Rs. 54). Similarly, for Android you have Mixology and Cocktail Flow. Both these apps have free and paid versions – the paid versions will cost Rs. 80.42 and Rs. 130 respectively. And if you need another free app on Android, then go for 8,500+ Drink Recipes. With all these apps, you can browse for the popular recipes as well as discover newer ones by specifying your choice of liquor. They will guide you through step by step process of making the cocktail and also provide details about the glass to serve in.    


MusicFancy becoming a DJ? Try these apps

Fancy becoming a DJ? Try these apps


And what’s a party without some good music to groove to? There are many apps that allow you to play the DJ, without you having to break a sweat. Android users can check the free Pro app that features over 60 genres and 20 pre-set moods to stream over 50,000 DJ mixes. Another option is the free Party Mixer app that allows you to combine songs either manually or by using the auto DJ feature to do the mix for you. For iOS users, there is DJ Mixer (Rs. 1,084 approx.) and Tap DJ - Mix and Scratch your Music (Rs. 54) to choose from. Rich on features, the DJ Mixer allows you a great degree of customisation and even provides auto mixing options, but rest assured, you will get the feel of being a real DJ as it even lets you to scratch, rewind or speed up the record on the virtual turntable. But it’s little on the expensive side. On the other hand, Tap DJ - Mix and Scratch your Music is perfect if you are looking for a basic app with good features to get the job done. 


GiftingKeep a track of the gifts you need to send

Keep a track of the gifts you need to send


An integral part of the festivities of Christmas and New Year is exchanging gifts amongst family and friends. Picking out a gift is not the easiest task; keeping a track of how many gifts you have bought and how many you still have to buy can prove to be a daunting task. Luckily, you have apps that will come to your rescue. These apps will not just help you make a list of people you need to buy gifts for, but will also help you create a budget. If you are overspending or overshooting your budget, then you know exactly where you can cut down. The app will also remind you of gifts you need to buy. For iOS users there is My Gift Tracker (Rs. 110), while the Android users can check the Xmas Organizer, which has a free version as well as a pro version (Rs. 54).    


Besides these, there are many apps that will add an element of fun to your party, right from disco light (Party Light for Android, Rs. 53.04), to even spin the bottle (Spin the Bottle iOS Rs. 53, Spin the Bottle free for Android) to fortune cookie (Fortune Cookie for Android free, Good Fortune Cookies for iOS free) and many others. In case you need some advice on how to dress-up, then you have apps for that too. There's the Stylebook app for iOS (Rs. 217), while for Android users there is My Fashion Assistant (Rs. 53). And for that festive cheer, you can download Christmas wallpapers for your phone courtesy the free apps Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper for Android and Christmas!! for iOS.       

Do you know of any other apps that you would recommend?

Published Date: Dec 13, 2012 09:41 am | Updated Date: Dec 13, 2012 09:41 am