Apps for Sharing Data via Bluetooth on Mobile Devices

Going completely wireless is the future and with the help of certain bluetooth apps, we can have a little taste of that future now. Sharing images, contacts and even documents would just be so much easier sans wires or GPRS/Wifi apps like Fring or Whatsapp. Here are some apps that help you connect mobile device to mobile device (some cross platform, others not), that also offer a little bit more than just Bluetooth.


Bluetooth File Transfer for Android



Bluetooth File Transfer on Android allows you to transfer files across Android devices using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Object Push Profile. In addition to sending files, you can also receive images and contacts. Some functions of this app require root access to your device, which means you can receive content from any device. Wihtout root access, you can only connect to devices like yours that also use Bluetooth File Transfer. Some features of the app include thumbnails as a preview for the transferred content (for music, video, images and APK) as well as the ability to compress-zip your files, encrypting them with passwords. Bluetooth File Transfer is available for free in the Android Market.


Bluetooth FileShare on iOS

Bluetooth FileShare

Bluetooth FileShare


The way Bluetooth FileShare works is that it turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a portable harddrive and you can take your files with you wherever you go. You can view them on the go and can share them with any other Bluetooth Fileshare user. To begin sharing, you need to upload your files to the device from your web browser, by navigating to the address displayed using any browser. You can then send these files to fellow users with Bluetooth. Supports both PC and Mac and the following file formats:


  • Microsoft Office - Word (.doc), Excel (.xls)
  • PDF Documents - (.pdf)
  • Text Documents - (.txt)
  • Music - (.mp3)
  • Images - (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif)

Unfortunately, filesharing over this app is restricted to other iPhones (excluding the original iPhone), iPod touches and iPads. The application sells for $0.99 (approx Rs. 45) in the iOS App Store.



Bump adds a little fun with bluetooth

Bump adds a little fun with bluetooth


Bump puts the fun in Bluetooth file sharing (that would really have worked if file sharing had 'fun'!). You can share your photos, contacts and apps with fellow 'Bump-ers' pretty easily. You basically have to open the app on both the phones, bump your hands lightly while holding the phones, confirm the connection and begin the exchange. The nice thing about Bump is that it's Android to iOS and vice versa compatible. Bump is available for free from the Android Market as well as the iOS App Store.


This is it for basic Bluetooth this week. Come back next week, where we get into some very innovative uses of Bluetooth (like syncing your phone's calendar with your car's infotainment system!). Stay tuned.

Published Date: Mar 18, 2011 12:23 pm | Updated Date: Mar 18, 2011 12:23 pm