Apple's OS X 10.9 to have new power-user features

Apple will be releasing a new version, 10.9, of its desktop operating system – OS X – later this year. 10.9, is codenamed Cabernet and will be focusing mostly on “power user” enhancements, according to 9to5Mac. For a change, the new version of OS X won’t be a complete overhaul of the operating system.

The new version of OS X will add tags and tabbed browsing modes to the Finder application. There will also be a new version of Safari that will have a redesigned backend to improve page loading, speed and efficiency.

There will also be proper support for multi-monitor setups. The new version of OS X will have the ability to keep a different full-screen app open on a different monitor. This is a good move by Apple, since OS X Mountain Lion users complained about the lack of multi-monitor support.

The next name of Mac's OS could be this jungle cat (Image Credit)

Which cat will it be this time? (Image Credit)


So far, it is also unclear if OS X 10.9 will have Siri. There have been rumours about this for quite some time now, but Apple could also tie the Siri functionality with newer hardware, much like it did with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

Much like Mountain Lion did, OS X 10.9 will also be taking some cues from iOS, but this time around, it will focus more on system fundamentals. According to reports, Apple has been testing an app switcher-styled multitasking system, like the one present on iOS devices, that will be functional for all applications running in the background. This could also mean that Apple might include the ability to pause apps to help distribute performance between apps better.

While there will be changes to how the new OS X looks, these will not be drastic changes.

The operating system was originally going to be previewed earlier this year, but Apple instead opted to introduce it alongside iOS 7 at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference.


Published Date: Apr 30, 2013 09:42 am | Updated Date: Apr 30, 2013 09:42 am