Apple to Release OS X Lion via the Mac App Store

Apple has already revealed its upgrade to the Mac OS X 10.6 in the form of ‘Lion’ back  in October last year. It also allowed developers to download preview builds via the Mac App Store by simply punching in a redemption code. Previously, upgrading the OS would require customers to buy boxed software from the nearest Apple Store.Get it from the Mac App Store


Get it from the Mac App Store


But that no longer seems to be the case. According to Appleinsider, Apple will allow users to buy OS X Lion directly from the Mac App Store. This negates the purchase of physical media and at the same time allows users instant access to the latest update. Apple has already had stunning success with its iTunes store. With customers buying music and other media directly from their online store, it’s only logical for Apple to move to digital distribution of software. It is also great news for Macbook owners as the devices do not come with built in optical drives.

But for those who have a slow internet connection or simply do not want to download the upgrade, Apple will be providing Lion in the traditional way as well - in form of a disc.

Published Date: May 05, 2011 10:04 pm | Updated Date: May 05, 2011 10:04 pm