Apple to release adaptor for 19-pin dock connector

Speculations of the next iPhone featuring a new dock have been floating around from early this year. Since then various reports have indicated that this could be true. However, a question plaguing most minds is how this new dock that will feature on Apple’s upcoming iPhone would be compatible with existing accessories available in the market. iMore has the answer for this question and they state that sources have informed them that there will be an adaptor supplied by Apple that makes the new dock compatible with existing accessories.

The report states, “Apple has done this recently with the MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter, and in past years with a variety of and other display adapters. Of course, there will likely be some accessories that, due to the physical size or shape, are awkward or impossible to use with the Dock connector adapter, but anything that doesn't require tight, flush contact should be okay.”

Nano SIM cards to be used on the next iPhone (Image credit)

An adaptor will make the 19-pin doc compatible with existing accessories


The report goes on to add that they do not know for sure if Apple will bundle this adaptor as part of the supplied accessories or will be sold separately. However, they do mention that this adaptor will become available by October, which is the time the next iPhone is set to be launched.

A recent report suggested that the major reason that Apple will use the smaller 19-pin dock on the upcoming iPhone is to make room for the port for the headphone that is being moved from the top to the bottom of the handset. In all previous iPhone models, this headphone port was located at the top, so this is another major change expected to be found here.

Another reason why Apple is expected to reduce the size of this dock is that the brand is making the iPhone 5 LTE capable, and there is a  possibility of it fitting a larger battery in the handset as well.

Over the past couple of weeks, rumours have indicated that Apple will also opt for a smaller SIM tray as they plan on using a Nano-SIM card on the device. This new standard of SIM cards has been heavily pushed by Apple at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to be recognized. Since they have got approval, the next iPhone is believed to feature this new standard of SIM cards, which are a lot smaller than the micro SIM cards used on current generation iPhones and iPads.

The report by iMore goes on to add, “Apple is still on track for a fall release for the iPhone 5, and last we heard that was October. The new, smaller Dock connector will debut at the iPhone 5 event and be used in all iOS devices from then on out. (Including the rumored 7-inch iPad.)”

With the Apple iPhone 5 widely expected to be launched by October this year, we can expect to see an unveiling before that, possibly by September.

Published Date: Jul 24, 2012 09:32 am | Updated Date: Jul 24, 2012 09:32 am