Apple to Give Away $10,000 to One Lucky App Store Customer

While the Mac App Store might be all the rage right now, let’s not forget its predecessor. If you’ve visited the Apple website recently, you’ll notice things are a little different right now. Apple have posted a live counter on the website, one which tracks the app purchases and downloads on Apple’s App Store. It’s nearing 10 billion downloads and Apple wants to, and I quote, “thank” their customers.

Customer Hero: Warriors of Luck

How will they go about it? Well, by doing the same thing they did when the digital store was nearing 1 Billion downloads back in 2009. They gave away a $10,000 iTunes voucher to a thirteen year old boy, along with a Macbook Pro, iPod Touch and a Time Capsule backup device. The 10 billionth downloader will receive a $10,000 voucher as well, but Apple haven’t said anything about the other goodies they might have on offer.

We’re planning on trying our luck, to be honest. What do you think we should do, wait it out until it gets really, really close or just hit download and hope our luck gets us the magic number? Either way, the counter is moving at a frighteningly fast pace and is on track to reach 10 billion by next weekend.

Published Date: Jan 15, 2011 12:28 pm | Updated Date: Jan 15, 2011 12:28 pm