Apple supplier's factory back up after China brawl

A Chinese factory owned by the manufacturer of Apple's iPhones has resumed production after a brawl involving 2,000 workers highlighted chronic labor tensions in a country that prohibits independent unions.

Foxconn Technology Group said the cause of the unrest Sunday night was under investigation, but it comes amid a series of protests by workers in areas throughout China over grievances about pay and working conditions.

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Production in China has started again


News reports and witnesses said the violence Sunday stemmed from a confrontation between a factory worker and a guard that quickly escalated. One employee said the violence was fueled by anger among factory workers over treatment by Foxconn security guards and managers.

Production at the Taiyuan factory resumed on Tuesday, according to an employee who answered the phone at the factory's labor office.


Associated Press

Published Date: Sep 25, 2012 16:14 PM | Updated Date: Sep 25, 2012 16:14 PM