Apple silently upgrades iPad 2 with improved battery life

Apple’s new iPad may be here, but they aren’t done with the iPad 2s just yet. The tablet is still quite popular among the buyers and is available in the market at some very attractive prices. If you’re in the market looking for a powerful tablet, and don’t really care about the superior display on the new iPad, then the iPad 2 still makes for a good proposition. Apple has been working on upgrades to the hardware of the iPad 2 and it appears that those new models are floating around in the market. Apple has upgraded the dual-core processor SoC from a 45nm fabrication to a 32nm fabrication process. Apple’s iPad 2 runs the A5 SoC and Anandtech recently did a test of the new upgraded iPad 2 SoC to see how it compared to the older ones and found some interesting results.

India's got iPad 2

A more power-efficient iPad 2 lurks




The new iPad 2 with its improved fabrication SoC improves power consumption significantly. The new iPad 2 SoC is able to power the tablet for 30 percent longer while running games, 18 percent while playing videos and some 15 percent while using the iPad 2 to browse the web. Anandtech says that there’s no clear way of finding out what model you’re buying by just looking at the box, so it’s left up to chance. Wait a bit longer, and you can hope that earlier stocks have been sold out and you might end up with a slightly superior iPad 2.


If you recently bought an iPad 2 and it came with iOS 5.1 installed on it, you can be rest assured it’s based on the new 32nm SoC. A quick run of the Geekbench app will confirm the model number. The older iPad 2 variant was called the iPad 2,1 with the GSM version called iPad 2,2 and the CDMA version called iPad 2,3. The new upgraded iPad 2s that have entered the market are Wi-Fi only and are called the iPad 2,4. There however, are close to no other performance benefits, but users are likely to notice some difference in the screen quality.


Published Date: May 07, 2012 09:49 am | Updated Date: May 07, 2012 09:49 am