Apple - Samsung lawsuit extends to Japan

This otherwise silent week has suddenly gone abuzz with the news of the seemingly never-ending Apple - Samsung lawsuit. According to reports, now after the ban of Samsung products in EU, Australia, Korea, the iPad manufacturer is looking at Japan. Apple has reportedly approached the Tokyo District Court with an appeal in the form of a lawsuit to have several of rival Samsung's key products banned in the country. Apple wants Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, as well as its Galaxy Tab 7 banned for sale in Japan. 

Battleground: Japan

Battleground: Japan



Apple believes that Samsung has violated several of its key patents that it has used in its iPad and iPhone. The Cupertino-based company has been waging a heated patent battle on a global scale with lawsuits filed against Samsung in almost every country Samsung sells its products in. 


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Source: Agencies

Published Date: Sep 08, 2011 05:54 pm | Updated Date: Sep 08, 2011 05:54 pm