Apple - Proview feud over "iPad" name reaches Shanghai

The battle between Apple Inc. and Proview Technology over the alleged ownership of the trademark name, iPad, has now moved on to Shanghai, a market important to Apple in China. The very thought of the Shenzhen-based, Proview Technology succeeding in halting the sales of the iPad in Shanghai will seem nightmarish to Apple, plainly going by the sheer size of its market there. According to reports, now a court in Shanghai has begun the proceedings in the ongoing Apple - Proview dispute, after the latter approached it with a view to halt the sales of the Cupertino-based company's tablet computer in the city. 

Will its sibling arrive later than expected?

Trademark woes 



The report further adds that if Proview manages to get done, what it wants, then iPad sales across 3 Apple stores in the city will come to an abrupt halt. Reports also state that a judgement in this case should not be expected to come around, anytime soon, and should Apple lose, it can always appeal. The report further adds that, "Proview's lawyer told Thomson Reuters publication Asian Legal Business on Tuesday the purpose of the lawsuit was to seek an injunction to stop the sale of iPads in the city. Proview has said it aims to settle the case out of court with Apple.


Proview Technology, as it has been familiarized in our previous reports is of the opinion that they are the rightful owners of the trademark name "iPad" in China; an opinion, which Apple disagrees with strongly. After missing out in Shenzhen, Apple sought for an appeal with a higher court and now has a hearing scheduled for February 29 in China's southern province of Guangdong. The report further adds that Proview Technology also won a lawsuit against a retailer selling Apple's iPads, in the southern city of Huizhou.



Published Date: Feb 22, 2012 05:36 pm | Updated Date: Feb 22, 2012 05:36 pm