Apple Planning on 3D Phone Launch?

Apple has recently acquired the patent for a stereoscopic three-dimensional display system sans glasses. This patent was applied for quite a while back in 2006, and while some sources say that this is because Apple is planning on developing a 3DTV projection system, others say that it definitely sounds like there's a brand new 3D phone or 3D tablet in the making.

What Apple fanboys have been waiting for

Well, we’ve seen the kind of low end, not too functional 3D phones that are being produced such as the Spice M-67 3D. Being the Apple fan that I am, the thought of them producing a 3D-enabled phone that works without those crummy glasses makes me want to jump for joy. I’ve already used Facetime on a couple of occasions and I think it’ll be absolutely awesome if the 3D aspect can be added to it.

If Apple can actually make this work (I’m sure it’s only a matter of time), this will definitely change the way we use our mobile devices. I just wonder what tricks Apple has up its sleeve this time. Are they actually going to launch a new 3D phone, or will it be a new display?

Published Date: Dec 28, 2010 02:28 pm | Updated Date: Dec 28, 2010 02:28 pm