Apple needs 20,000 more employees at Foxconn for iPhone 5 production

The Apple iPhone rumour freight train continues to roll at full steam. After the launch of the new iPad, the rumour mills have been abuzz as to what will feature in the next flagship handset from Apple. As of now, one does not know when the next iPhone will be launched, but all indications are pointing to an announcement date that will take place around September or October. The latest bit of information about the iPhone comes courtesy China News, who've stated that Apple needs 20,000 people at Foxconn for the production of the next iPhone presumably called iPhone 5.

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Apple needs more employees at Foxconn


The report states that Foxconn is building Apple iPhone 5 production base and is now facing a huge shortage of workers. Sources have said that there is a shortfall of about 20,000 people. The company has already held over 20 job fairs to recruit employees as they aim to produce 57 million units of the next iPhone. The source informed the website that the recruitment procedure was not difficult and anyone who falls between the age bracket of 16 to 40 are eligible for employment. A high level of education was also not necessary to secure a post.


Though there may be a shortage of employees at Foxconn, there is no shortage of rumours. The most interesting rumour came from Reuters in which they stated that the brand will use a display measuring as large as 4.6-inches. This would be something really interesting as Apple has used the 3.5-inch display from the first generation of the iPhone. However, this was quickly shot down with indications stating that the sixth generation iPhone, too would have a 3.5-inch screen. As per a report by iMore, Apple seems to be getting ready to do away with the current dock connector that is used with their existing range of iOS devices and instead opt for a smaller connector that is being labeled as ‘Micro dock.’ The reason for this is that it can now make room for components, such as a bigger battery, LTE capabilities, etc. 


In a related report, a rumour suggests that the next iPhone would feature a new electrostatic technology where they explain that it would feature a touch sensitive screen that could take on the friction properties of paper, the plastic of a keyboard or the rough resistance of a patch of grass. 


While the last rumour may or may not be true, we can continue to dream as Apple in the past have the habit of revolutionizing products. Let us know your reactions in the comments below. 


Published Date: Mar 28, 2012 10:01 am | Updated Date: Mar 28, 2012 10:01 am