Apple may introduce the iPhone 5 at WWDC

Many of the Apple rumours nowadays revolve around the upcoming iPad 3. But now and then, a few trickle in about the iPhone 5. The last bit of information about Apple’s upcoming flagship handset was that there was indeed a launch that would be held, alongside the 4S, but it got canceled due to problems in Verizon’s 4G LTE connection. As for the design of the iPhone 5, which is by far the biggest talking point, it was believed that the handset would feature a tapering design that has an aluminium back plate and is believed to come in nano-chromatic colours. The latest bit of information comes from 9to5Mac, where a reliable source from within Foxconn states that Apple is readying production of the iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 to feature 4G LTE?

Apple iPhone 5 may not look like this render


The report states that the source has revealed that there are a number of sample devices at the factory and hence it is impossible to know, which one is going to be the final version that will be released. However, there are a few consistencies between all the devices. All devices in the factory that are doing the rounds have displays that are larger than 4 inches. At least one of these displays are made by LG. Contradictory to many reports in the past, none of these handsets feature the tear drop design and all of them are wider and longer, but symmetrical in thickness. As expected, neither of the devices has the same form factor found on the iPhone 4 or 4S. It would make sense for Apple to ditch this design, as they have used it now on two generations of their iPhones. The source goes on to say that neither of these devices may be the final version and it could change at any given time.

The report mentions that this was the same source who informed them that Apple would be launching the iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5, last year. Also, reportedly, if Apple is gearing up for production now, one should expect the handset to be launched by the time of Apple’s WWDC event, which takes place during the middle of the year.

Published Date: Jan 26, 2012 12:17 pm | Updated Date: Jan 26, 2012 12:17 pm