Apple may include AirDrop file-sharing in iOS 7

The list of features rumoured to be a part of iOS 7 seems to be growing by the day, the latest being that the refreshed version of Apple’s operating system will include AirDrop WiFi-direct file sharing tool from the Mac.

According to a 9to5 Mac report, Apple is testing versions of iOS 7 that will include AirDrop’s drag-and drop file sharing capabilities. The feature is an ad-hoc service in the OS X operating system and was first introduced in OS X Lion back in 2011, using which you could share files with other supported Macs without bothering with Wi-Fi networks or storage devices.

May drop in on iOS 7

May drop in on iOS 7


The AirDrop function that Apple seems to be trying to work on for iOS 7, will work between two iOS devices and potentially an iOS and Mac device. You will possibly be able to send images and files from your iPhone to your friend’s iPad and vice-versa.

This will be quite unlike iCloud Sync that works to transfer files between two iDevices owned by the same person. AirDrop will let you drag-and-drop files in order to send them to others’ iOS devices.

It was reported last year that Apple was working on an AirDrop tool to use the new WiFi hardware within the latest iOS devices but had let go of the idea in software development. The report does warn that Apple could possibly not include this feature in the final release of iOS 7, expected around mid-June, since it had scrapped the idea earlier too.

The iOS 7 update is rumoured to contain deeper Flickr and Vimeo integration as well. Both these integrations are supposed to be in line with iOS’s earlier tie-up with Twitter. You will be able to sign in using these networks using iOS 7’s built-in settings application. A single log-in will give you full sharing access to these social networks using your iOS devices. That is, if any of these rumoured features actually make their way to iOS 7.


Published Date: Jun 03, 2013 11:23 am | Updated Date: Jun 03, 2013 11:23 am