Apple Mac App Store Off to Rocky Start, Cracked Already

The thing with Apple is, it’s like that old adage – the tighter you hold a handful of sand, the more will seep out. Their recently launched offering of a App Store, catering to just the Mac elite this time has already been hit by ‘pirates’ and only hours after it was open to the public. Hey, if there were guys who could design a jailbreak for every new iOS update or device the day it got launched, this must have been a walk in the park. According to, a few unsavoury type hackers devised a crude but simple way of running unauthorized paid apps in the new Mac App Store. What they’ve done is simply copy the receipt and signature files from some free apps (which can be downloaded from third-party sites) to crack a paid app thus making it go for nothing. This won’t happen with those developers who follow Apple's app validation advice which means only if a receipt is valid and matches the app's bundle ID will it be acceptable.

What a crack-up!

Gizmodo reports
that one of these ‘crack’-heads (no offence meant) Dissident has even stated that a crack dubbed KickBack would be let loose on the store - "When we feel that [the Mac App Store] has a lot of crap in it,” Their goal is to make it a better place for the more serious developers. This guy found a way to beat Apple’s security system well in advance of the Mac App Store even launching. Was this an idle threat? We’ll find out soon enough if weird apps like Air Horns and Farting sounds or Beer Chugging apps make it out. There have apparently already been complaints about the quality of apps on the store and the inability to download some.

Published Date: Jan 07, 2011 08:50 pm | Updated Date: Jan 07, 2011 08:50 pm