Apple is raising app prices by 33 percent in India; Super Mario Run to soon cost over Rs 800

Apps are about to get much costlier in India because Apple is planning to raise the price of apps on the App Store from Rs 60 per dollar to Rs 80 per dollar.

A report on 9to5Mac initially stated that only apps in the UK will be seeing a price rise owing to Brexit. However, The BBC later clarified that the price rise would affect India, Turkey and UK. Prices in UK and Turkey are expected to rise by about 25-30 percent. The updated pricing in India means that we’ll see a 33 percent rise in prices.

Apple cites various reasons for this price rise including the falling value of the rupee (which currently stands at Rs 68 to the dollar), and various updates to taxation laws. The increased tax burden is being passed on to the customers.

Given the increase in prices, Apple has reportedly started offering lower price tiers for developers. That said, it must be noted that while US customers pay a fixed price for apps and services, they are also charged a service fee which is added on at checkout.

The changes are reported to take effect in about a week from now. This means that the price of the already expensive Super Mario Run will go from Rs 620 to a little over Rs 800.

Published Date: Jan 18, 2017 13:40 PM | Updated Date: Jan 18, 2017 13:40 PM