Apple is NOT Stalking You

Today's hot action was that Apple is tracking your every move by logging your iPhone's location and storing files of the logs on your phones and your computer. However, with every piece of hot action, come sensationalization. Surprise surprise, Apple is not TRACKING your information. It's not even logging your precise location information. It's logging the cell phone towers and access points that the phone interacts with.

Your iPhone is keeping track of you

Your iPhone is NOT stalking you


Website (the site's received so much traffic that it's down), proves that Apple isn't tracking you. The author of the site went on a weekend bike tour, and using the Maps application, checked the data that was 'logged' against his actual tour. After obtaining the raw data, extracting the location database from his past iPhone backup, he used SQLite to limit it to only the data points during his bike trip and the data points that were within a certain level of accuracy. He exported this data to a CSV file and then used an online tool to convert this to KML and imported his route into Google Earth.What he found was that all his points were way off, proving the point that the phone was logging the cell phone towers on that trip, not its actual location. The only presumable reason the iPhone would even do this is to use the data to help it locate cell phone towers if it is in the same location again in the future.

So stay calm, Apple is not tracking or even logging your exact location.

Published Date: Apr 21, 2011 05:40 pm | Updated Date: Apr 21, 2011 05:40 pm