Apple iPod Touch and iPod nano receive minor updates, no changes to the Shuffle or Classic

Update: We just got the Indian pricing for the 'new' iPods. These prices are inclusive of VAT, duty and levies. The iPod nano 8GB is Rs.8,900 and 16GB is for Rs.10,200. The iPod Touch will be available from October 12th onwards for the following pricing; 8GB for Rs.13,500, 32GB for Rs.19,900 and 64GB for Rs.25,900.

While every year we get a refresh of Apple’s media players, sadly, this time around there haven’t been any major updates to the iPod range, at least as far as hardware and design is concerned. In fact, the only iPods that were mentioned in the keynote was the iPod Touch and the iPod nano.

Nano's just got better with more cool clock faces

Nano's just got better with more cool clock faces


Let’s start with the nano. The first change we see is in the interface itself. Instead of the traditional grid pattern of four icons per screen, you can view them as single large icons and simply swipe through them horizontally. It also has an all new ‘fitness feature’, which is essentially the Nike+ feature without the need for the adapter. This means, you can monitor your workout, track your progress, etc without the need for the Nike+ shoes or sensors. Finally, Apple has added 16 new clock faces in case you’re someone who uses your nano as a watch (we all know someone who does now, don’t we). The new nanos will be available starting today at the following prices:

  • 8GB    - $129
  • 16GB  - $149
iOS 5 heading for the Touch

iOS 5 heading for the Touch


Next up, is the iPod Touch. Once again, nothing has changed in terms of the design or hardware. It’s the very same 4th Gen iPod Touch and is still just as slim. It will be getting the iOS 5 treatment and along with it, some of the new features as well, two which we know for sure would be iMessage and iCloud. iMessage essentially allows you to send free text messages over Wi-Fi to any other iOS device. iCloud allows you to backup all your documents, music, etc. in the cloud and access it from any iOS device. The new Touch will also be available in White this time around. The following are different capacities and their pricing:

  • 8GB   - $199
  • 16GB - $299
  • 64GB - $399

Looking at the ‘new’ iPod line-up, we can’t help but be disappointed. Bringing iOS 5 to the Touch isn’t something ‘new’ - we all saw it coming. There also wasn’t any mention about the Shuffle or the iPod Classic for that matter which means they remain at the same price points as they were and who knows, may be phased out very soon altogether. So, there’s really no point in saving up for the new iPods if you already have the current generation nano or Touch, simply wait for the update to roll out and you should be good to go.

Published Date: Oct 05, 2011 02:17 am | Updated Date: Oct 05, 2011 02:17 am