Apple iPhone 8 to include new SmartCam feature; facial recognition linked to Apple Pay

As we edge closer to the launch of the Apple iPhone 8, rumours are picking pace. The latest feature seems to have been discovered by developer Guilherme Rambo in the HomePod software code. According to a report in 9t05 Mac, the developer has claimed that the latest iPhone could have a feature called 'SmartCam'.

Representative Image. Reuters.

Representative Image. Reuters.

Based on the findings by the developer, the new 'SmartCam' feature is capable of intelligently recognising a specific set of scenes and adjusting the settings of the camera accordingly for best results.

The report further states that the scenes spotted in the code include Bright Stage, Document, Baby, Foliage, Fireworks, Pet, Point Light Sources, QR, Sky, Snow, Sport, Sunset and Sunrise. The major question arising from the leak is whether this will be a feature baked into iOS 11 or will it be only an iPhone 8 exclusive feature.

The HomePod software also contains references to a certain ‘passbook.payment.contactlessinterface’ with ‘pearl.field-detect’ and ‘pearl.pre-arm’ which is deciphered to be the rumored facial recognition software. This corroborates with previous reports that Apple could rely on facial recognition this time round for authenticating Apple Pay and replace its existing Touch ID with the iPhone 8.

The HomePod software was released on Sunday after which developers were quick to spot references of a bezel-less iPhone as well as a tap to wake functionality that could feature in the upcoming iPhone 8.

Published Date: Aug 04, 2017 12:44 PM | Updated Date: Aug 04, 2017 12:44 PM