Apple iPhone 5S motherboard leak shows new quad-core A7 processor

Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal was reporting that Foxconn, Apple’s trusted manufacturing partner, is stepping up hiring as the production schedule for the iPhone 5S kicks in. The company has added more than 10,000 assembly-line workers per week since late March at their Zhengzhou production facility for iPhones.

And now DroidGator has got hold of images of the 5S’s alleged motherboard which features a new processor dubbed A7.

The pictures were sent by a source from Cupertino in California, where Apple’s headquarters are located. According to the website, the motherboard of the forthcoming handset matches up to the current iPhone 5 motherboard. The new model could very well share the same exterior, including the dimensions of the iPhone 5. One thing is going to change for sure and that’s the processor. The big news is that the iPhone 5S will have a quad-core processor, according to the images leaked on the site.

The alleged motherboard of the iPhone 5S

The alleged motherboard of the iPhone 5S



The A7 processor is expected to compete with Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa CPU, which will be featured in some variants of the Galaxy S4. As for the rest of the hardware specs, the report says the iPhone 5S will supposedly have the Power SGX554MP4 GPU. It will also have a dual-channel 2 GB LPDDR-800 of RAM. Of course, it must be noted that the specs revealed by the source are only bits of rumour at this point.

The next-gen iPhone will supposedly run iOS 7 at launch and there will be many changes on board. In particular, Siri has gone through major improvements, and the speech engine has been fine tuned to bring more features to the voice assistant. A theory is that Siri will now be able to converse in a number of languages.

The rumoured graphics processor, the Power SGX554MP4, is similar to what the company’s iPad 4 boasts, which could mean better performance during demanding games and for 3D rendering.


The iPhone 5S is expected to launch in late June as per analysis firm Piper Jaffray. Rumours in March said that Foxconn has already started limited production of the iPhone 5S. For the Taiwanese company, production of this particular device was a simpler affair as it has a lot of similarities in design with the iPhone 5. Sources had revealed that not many changes are needed from existing iPhone 5 blueprints for the production of this device and both models can be run on the same assembly line.

Published Date: Apr 16, 2013 12:18 PM | Updated Date: Apr 16, 2013 12:18 PM