Apple iPhone 4 has Samsung, Micron Chips

Apple Inc's hot-selling next-generation iPhone sports chips from Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology and STMicroelectronics, according to an early teardown, or disassembly analysis by technology firm iFixit. The well-reviewed iPhone 4 goes on sale on Thursday in five of the world's biggest economies -- China and its guarded telecoms sector being a notable exception -- and consumers hoping to score the device are expected to throng stores.

Apple moved 600,000 of the slimmer and better-equipped $199 iPhone 4 last week in its first day of pre-sales, a deluge of interest that jammed ordering systems and squeezed carrier partner AT&T's inventory. But iFixit, one of the better-known among so-called teardown firms hired by clients to provide data and competitive intelligence, said it obtained one of the phones from a Silicon Valley employee who got it in the mail two days early, amid multiple Web reports of similar shipments ahead of time. Samsung supplied flash memory, according to the subsequent teardown conducted in the California city of San Luis Obispo. The Micron chip was likely memory, while STMicro -- Europe's top semiconductor maker -- provided accelerometer and gyroscope chips used for orienting the phone, iFixit told Reuters.

Other suppliers included Apple mainstay Cirrus Logic and cellphone chip specialist Skyworks Solutions. Numonyx supplied chips to earlier versions, but was bought by Micron for $1.27 billion this year. iFixit's Kyle Wiens remarked on how no space within the iPhone had been wasted. "This is so compact," he said. "In terms of internal design, they scrapped this completely and started over."

Published Date: Jun 24, 2010 12:03 pm | Updated Date: Jun 24, 2010 12:03 pm