Apple iPad 2 Launch Event Roundup

Amidst concerns of his health, Steve Jobs is the man of the moment at Apple's March 2nd event where the loudest whisper is, of course, iPad 2. Going over Apple's successes, including the number of Apple accounts created and the number of iPhones and iPads sold.


Steve finally gets to the iPad 2.

  • It's got an A5 chip, dual core processors, promises to be twice as fast a CPU and
  • graphics to be nine times as fast.
  • There's both front and rear facing cameras,
  • and a built in gyroscope.
  • The iPad 2 is 33% thinner than the original iPad. It measures 8.8 mm thick where the first iPad was 13.4 mm thick. It's also thinner than the iPhone 4, where the phone measures 9.4 mm thick.
  • It weighs 1.3 pounds, whereas the original iPad weighs 1.5 pounds. So thinner, lighter AND faster. The iPad 2 will be available in both white and black for the same price as the original iPad.
  • It will also contain the same battery life (10 hours with over a month of standby).
  • It will start shipping in the US on the 11th of March. Other countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark. Finaland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK) will have to wait till the 25th of March. To absolutely no one's surprise, India's nowhere on that list.
Not bad at all.

Not bad at all. Image Source



  • The iPad 2 will also come with HDMI out (via a proprietary, optional cable). This allows the device to charge while playing and provides output upto 1080p. So it's HDMI mirrored video output for a price of $39.
    Colorful Cases

    Colorful Cases


Steve's also announcing smart covers. It's a flap that covers the iPad while sleeping. The device automatically wakes up when you take the cover off. The cover can be folded over to act as a stand. It auto aligns with magnets. Its lining cleans the screen. Poly cases are $39 and leather cases are $69.

The Smart Cover for the Smart Tablet...

The Smart Cover for the Smart Tablet...



Apple's also using this chance to unveil iOS 4.3 -

  • It works on Safari with a nitro Java script engine
  • enables iTunes home sharing, allowing you to get all your content directly over WiFi.
  • It brings improvements to AirPlay where the device will automatically search around and find your Apple TV.
  • You can choose your preference for your iPad's switch, either mute or rotation lock.
  • iOS 4.3 will add a personal hotspot for iPhone 4 only.
  • Because the iPad 2 has two cameras, the device will also come with Photobooth. You can add the same effects to your photos and videos that you can on your desktop.
  • Furthermore, the greater use of the cameras on the iPad - FaceTime. You can use the iPad 2 to FaceTime with the iPhone and the Desktop.
    Well hello there iOS 4.3, and what do you bring to the table?  

    Well hello there iOS 4.3, and what do you bring to the table?  Image Source  


In addition to Photobooth and FaceTime, other apps are also being developed for the iPad. One is iMovie, which will let you edit your movies on your iPad and share your movies in HD. iMovie takes advantage of the extra horsepower the iPad 2 has. They've also made improvements with audio, including 50 sound effects with iMovie. iMovie for the iPad will be available for $4.99 (on March 11th).

Another app being developed for the iPad is Garage Band. Garage Band has got touch instruments, guitar amps and effects, 8 track recording, 250+ loops, makes AAC files of your recording and is compatible with Mac. The piano comes with a sustain pedal and the loudness varies on whether you tap gently or with force (because of the accelerometer). The guitar feature creates the chord for you and all you have to do is strum. Or even make the iPad strum for you. So basically say goodbye to your worst nightmare guitar teacher from your childhood. iMovie too is $4.99.


All in all, here's a round up of what you can expect. 2011 is the year of the iPad 2, which has an A5 chip and dual processors. It's thinner, lighter and faster and comes with a gyroscope and 10 hours of battery life. It has a front facing and a rear camera enabling both Photobooth and FaceTime. It's got iMovie and Garage Band with some pretty advanced features. And Smart Covers, which protect and 'serve' the iPad (as a stand). 

Here's the full video demonstrating the new iPad -


Published Date: Mar 03, 2011 02:26 am | Updated Date: Mar 03, 2011 02:26 am