Apple iOS 11 Developer Beta 6 reveals redesigned icons and new Control Centre animations

As Apple gears up to launch a new set of iPhones this September, another big update that’s expected is iOS 11. While it’s not set to be as big a change as the transition from iOS 6’s skeuomorphic design to the more contemporary iOS 7, iOS 11 is still set to be transformative.

The App Store icon in iOS 11 Beta 6

The new App Store icon in iOS 11 Beta 6

The biggest changes to iOS in version 11 includes vastly improved multi-tasking capabilities and a more functional Control Centre.

However, Apple seems to be changing its app icons as well and icons like those for the App Store and Maps are receiving relatively significant updates. has a detailed list of the updates on its site. The most notable icon upgrades are seen in the App Store, Clock, Maps and Camera icons.

The App Store icon dumps the crayon and paintbrush imagery for something more abstract. The Verge thinks that the new Maps icon points to the upcoming Apple ‘spaceship’ campus. The clock icon simply gets bolder numbers and more prominent hands. The update to the camera app icon is also interesting. Apple appears to have dropped the two horizontal lines above and below the lens, lending the icon a less retro look.


Other notable updates include a new AirPods icon for the Control Centre and an animated icon to represent the AirPods and its carrying case when pairing. Apple iOS 11 is expected to release later this year. The Public Beta is open to all and you can try it right now if you have a compatible device. Be warned, the Public Beta is, well, a beta product and will be buggy. Data loss is also a possibility.  

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Published Date: Aug 15, 2017 12:17 PM | Updated Date: Aug 15, 2017 12:17 PM