Apple HDTV to resemble Cinema Displays; to feature iSight camera, Siri

The news surrounding the mythical Apple HDTV does not seem to die. With all these rumours flooding in, it surely appears that Apple does indeed have an HDTV in the pipeline of yet to be unveiled gadgets. Apple in the past revolutionized the way we listen to music by introducing the iPod, later on they introduced the iPhone, which paved the way for touchscreen smartphones and more recently with their iPad, they changed the way people carry out their day to day activities, such as reading books, using it for browsing online newspapers and a host of other capabilities, which makes up for a never ending list. Probably the only segment in which Apple is yet to make a mark is the HDTV sector of technology.

Will the Apple HDTV look like this?

Will the Apple HDTV look like this?


The first indication of Apple launching an HDTV came when, in his biography, the late Steve Jobs, had stated that he had finally been able to solve it. When he revealed this statement, indications had pointed to the fact that the brand had finally managed to make a revolutionary full-sized television as opposed to the Apple TV set top box they presently have in the market. With the rumour mills churning with gusto, the latest bit of information comes via Cult of Mac, where they state that an anonymous source has informed them that the prototype of the Apple HDTV is similarly designed to Apple’s Cinema Display LED backlit monitors, but a lot larger in comparison. The report states, “According to our source, who has asked to remain strictly anonymous, the Apple HDTV looks like Apple’s current lineup of LED-backlit Cinema Displays but is “much bigger.” It has a built-in iSight camera for making free FaceTime video conference calls. And it has Siri, the iPhone 4S’s voice-activated virtual assistant. “

The report goes on to state that they had contacted TV analyst Paul Gagnon, Director of North American TV Research for NPD DisplaySearch and he speculated that though he does not have any concrete information regarding the same, he expects the Apple HDTV to be announced by the end of this year. The report quotes Gagnon by stating, “Apple’s Chinese supplier, Foxconn, has invested $1.6 billion in Sharp’s TV unit, which can efficiently make large size panels up to 60-inches. Speculating, Gagnon Apple’s TVs will likely be pretty conventional in terms of hardware. They will not be anything exotic like OLED or 4K resolution. There will likely be two to four models ranging from 40-inches to 60-inches. They will be standard 1920 x 1080p resolution and cost between $1,000 to $2,000 or slightly higher.” When quizzed when it may ship, Gagnon said by 2013.

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Published Date: May 08, 2012 10:36 am | Updated Date: May 08, 2012 10:36 am