Apple has the best phone: Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook had a sit down interview at the AllThingsD’s D10 conference and a lot of questions were thrown at him – that included everything from Apple TV, to Siri, to new products, to fragmentation, Android and the competition. Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were the hosts and one particular response that had a resonating feel to it was when Kara asked Cook, “How do you look at competitive landscape when it comes to smartphones?” In his simple, nonchalant way, Cook said, “I wouldn’t say we dominate it, I’d say we have the best phone.” He further went on to say that, “There are two big ones, Android and iOS. Windows Phone is just really coming to the market. We’ll see how they do.



Powerful words



A lot of people, at least in India, have qualms about the iPhone being extremely expensive; so expensive that most people cannot afford them. Mossberg asked Cook whether Apple would make a $99 iPhone, to which Cook mentioned, ‘Who knows what we will do in the future. I am not going to conjecture’. He further said that, “Our North Star is to make the best product,” further mentioning that Apple’s products aren’t for schedules. “There’s not a policy or commandment that says ‘Thou shalt have One.” Cook also went on to say that they have some interesting, new developments for Siri and that with their artificial intelligence piece, there is a possibility of unbelievable potential. Cook further went on to mention that RIM is still serving some large number of enterprise customers, but the momentum at present is with the first two. When asked about what the company is planning on announcing at the WWDC, Cook simply replied that he wasn’t going to answer that question, before adding that ‘We are going to blow you away in two weeks.'


Now, that is definitely one powerful statement from one powerful man. With their immediate competition already laying their cards out on the table, it’s now Apple’s chance to show what they’ve got, and if this conference is anything to go by, then we’re in for a sweet surprise two weeks from now. 

Published Date: May 30, 2012 11:09 am | Updated Date: May 30, 2012 11:09 am