Apple fined for misleading iPad ad over 4G compatibility in Australia

Back in March of 2012 we heard that Apple's iPad commercial that was running in Australia was not exactly accurate in showcasing the tablet''s features. In fact the country's consumer affairs regulator all out accused the company of misleading promotions. The situation went as far as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission making a petition to a federal court  to order Apple to inform their consumers about the exact technical capabilities of their popular tablet device. They were even petitioning the Cupertino-based company to correct its advertising and refund any buyers who purchased the device unaware of the devices actual capabilities in that country.


The iPad advertisement that ran in Australia featured the Wi-FI +4G model and claimed that it was capable of running on a 4G SIM card in the country. This information was, however, inaccurate. 4G was only supplied by Telstra, Australia's dominant service provider whose network is on a different part of the communications spectrum that was not compatibale with Apple's tablet. In other words, 4G via SIM was not going to work on the iPad. 


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Fined for false advertising




The information showcased in the Apple iPad commercial was naturally considered to be misleading and false as far as the 4G compliance and compatibility feature went. 


The latest news on that front is that Apple was fined $2.25 million (AUD) by an Australian court for 'misleading' consumers with their commercial on 4G support in the country. The court determined that  Apple had implied "that an iPad with WiFi + 4G could connect directly to the Telstra LTE mobile data network in Australia, which it could not do," according to the verdict emailed to Reuters by the regulator.

Apple "engaged in conduct that was liable to mislead the public," it said.


Apple was not available to comment on the situation at the time of the ruling. However, reports stated that the company has promised their Australian customers that an email would be sent to them offering a refund. They also agreed to post messages clearly stating that the new iPad was not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMAX networks.