Apple boots Bang With Friends app out of its Store

Controversial app Bang With Friends has found itself in a spot of trouble with Apple. The app that allows you to anonymously hook up with your Facebook friends has had its iOS app pulled from the store.

There has not been much information as to why Apple booted the app off the store. The Bang With Friends site simply reads “We’re working with Apple to get BWF back into the App Store shortly.”

If you try to search for Bang With Friends on the App Store, it simply returns an error message saying that the app is currently not available in the store. The app had made its iOS App Store debut barely ten days ago, but Apple seems to have had a change of heart about making an app like this available on its store.

Bang, bang! You're gone!

Bang, bang! You're gone!


The service already has a million users and helps users identify people they would want to “bang”. If the person you’ve identified also displays interest in you, the app will let you both know. Essentially, keeping anonymity as its cornerstone, Bang With Friends is trying to change the way you interact socially, especially when it comes to casual flings.

Even though Apple has not yet provided a reason for the app’s ouster, we can only imagine its issues with Bang With Friends. Apple has adopted what seems like the “see no evil” attitude. Sexual explicitness on the App Store is a big no-no and everyone is aware about it.

In the recent past, Apple has pulled out 500px from the store and changed Vine’s rating from 12+ to 17+ since they contained sexually explicit material. As far as Bang With Friends goes, the service has never hidden the fact that it is all about encouraging casual sexual encounters. That has possibly not gone down too well with Apple. Now to wait and watch if Apple and Bang With Friends can reach some kind of a middle path.

Published Date: May 18, 2013 10:26 am | Updated Date: May 18, 2013 10:26 am