Apple approaches EU with Motorola Mobility woes

Fresh reports confirm that the dispute between Apple and Motorola Mobility over disputed patents has escalated to such a point that Motorola Mobility claims that Apple approached EU anti-trust officials to step-in to settle it for them. Quoting Motorola Mobility, the report cited, "On February 17, 2012, the company received a letter from the European Commission notifying it that the Commission has received a complaint against Motorola Mobility, Inc. by Apple, Inc. regarding the enforcement of MMI's standards-essential patents against Apple allegedly in breach of MMI's FRAND (fair and reasonable) commitments." The European Commission (EC) is a body, which essentially works towards ensuring that companies, operating within their 27-country EU work well with the FRAND (fair and reasonable) commitments they make.

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Both, Apple and Motorola Mobility have been embroiled in a bitter battle over alleged violation of standards-essential patents. Sometime last week, there were reports about Apple earning itself a partial victory in Germany, against Motorola Mobility aided by the slide-to-unlock patent. Apple, so to speak has not been seeing victory very often in its battle against Motorola Mobility. In fact, even this partial victory came after a brief spell of losses, one even going to extent of forcing the Cupertino-based company to halt the sales of the older models of their iPhone and 3G-based iPads at its German online store.


The report further states that, "Last week Google secured EU and U.S. approval to acquire Motorola Mobility for its portfolio of patents. The deal still needs clearance from regulators in China, Taiwan and Israel. The European Commission, which oversees competition matters across the 27-country European Union, is now investigating whether legal tactics used by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd against Apple breaches EU antitrust rules."



Published Date: Feb 21, 2012 03:38 pm | Updated Date: Feb 21, 2012 03:38 pm