Apple Announces iWork for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Users

Apple today announced that its iWork productivity apps viz. Keynote, Pages and Numbers are now available for iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as the iPad. Originally created for the Mac, the apps have now been completely customized and redesigned for iOS and Apple’s Multi-Touch interface. These apps will allow you to create and share presentations, documents and spreadsheets on the go. This will add quite a bit of extra value to their portfolio come WWDC 2011 where more announcements on apps and software will be made.

YOu can be just like Jobs himself, minus teh black sweatshirt

You can be just like Jobs himself, minus the black sweatshirt


Keynote, Pages and Numbers import and export documents from iWork for Mac and Microsoft Office; print wirelessly using AirPrint and include Apple-designed themes and templates. All iWork apps now include improved document management with thumbnail images that let you find files quickly, organize them and group them into folders using intuitive gestures. From the Tools button in the toolbar, users can share any presentation, document or spreadsheet without leaving the app itself.

For those who aren’t aware and that’s highly unlikely, Keynote is a presentations software that allows you to add animations, as well as regular transitions between slides. Available separately, the Keynote Remote app allows your iPhone or iPod touch to control a Keynote presentation on any iOS device or Mac.

Pages is a word processor application which has now been redesigned to take advantage of the high-resolution Retina display on iPhone 4 and iPod touch. To enhance it’s functionality on iPhone and iPod touch the Smart Zoom option automatically zooms in to follow the cursor while you’re editing and zooms back out when done.

Spredsheets on the go

Spreadsheets on the go


Numbers uses Multi-Touch gestures and a special keyboard to help create spreadsheets with over 250 functions, flexible tables and charts. Just like Pages, Numbers also features Smart Zoom to make working with text and cells on iPhone 4 or iPod touch easy.

Keynote, Pages and Numbers are universal apps that run on iPad/iPad 2, iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4 and iPod touch (3rd & 4th generation). They are available from the App Store for $9.99 (Rs. 450) each for new users, or as a free update for existing iWork for iPad customers. Keynote Remote is sold separately via the App Store for 99 cents (Rs.40).

Great for reading and editig those important documents on teh fly

Great for reading and editing those important documents on the fly



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Published Date: Jun 01, 2011 09:50 am | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2011 09:50 am