Apple aims to halt production of the Steve Jobs action figure

We had a niggling feeling that it would turn out this way as Apple had already done it in the past. A few days ago, it was reported that In Icon has begun production of a freakishly accurate, Steve Jobs action figure. This collectible was to go on sale in February and would retail at $99. However, just like in the past, when a Steve Jobs action figure was launched by a different manufacturer, Apple had blocked the sales. A report by GSMArena states that Apple wants the production of this new figure to stop and they have also threatened to sue the manufacturer.

A 12-inch Steve Jobs to be available from February

Apple aims to stop production of this realistic action figure


The report states that Apple believes that they own the likeness of their co-founder and it would be a criminal offence if a 12-inch figure would be available of him in the market. But this does not seem to dither In Icon and they say that Steve Jobs is not a product and that Apple has no form of copy rights on him.

If one is really awaiting this action figure, they can purchase it off eBay, but it costs a bit more at $135.