Anti-Gaming Boot Camps Crop up in Korea

I’ve seen some bizarre stuff in my time but this one takes the cake. South Korean parents whose children are either addicted to games or join gangs (so not the same thing) are sent to specialized boot camps where they're put through vigorous military training.

From some of the pictures that have surfaced on, it seems most of the kids in these camps are not more than 15 years old. They also look like they’re in a lot of pain forced to undergo weird routines like rubbing snow on their naked torsos, lying down in mud with their feet up, training with gas masks and more.

The perils of playing Starcraft II in Korea (image courtesy:

Forced to enroll in this boot camp, called the Ansan training course, here's what Kang Han-Sol, a 15-year-old boy had to say "My mom forced me to take this course because I have played video games too much. I hope this course would better me, so I could quit playing and give more focus on studying".

One of the training instructors added, "Nowadays, the children are selfish and really dependent to parents. They even become violent and disrespect the older. Moreover they easily quit whenever encountering problems. It cannot be accepted in our country. For that reason, the parents would like to send their children to the military training course to help them to be better and win themselves".

Is it just me or is this a tad extreme? I mean the most I got from my folks for playing games was a little lecture on how I should spend my time more productively.

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Published Date: Jan 20, 2011 10:54 am | Updated Date: Jan 20, 2011 10:54 am