Another Look at the Nokia X7

A couple of weeks back, we had the first look at the X7, with a video playing Need For Speed. This one doesn’t show much apart from the fact that it has an 8 MP camera. The source shows us of a photo (with some parts being blacked out, maybe because of some details being revealed) of the backside of the X7 which, well, looks good.

Nokia X7 : Lying stable on the table

Interestingly, only two of the speakers were actually emitting sound. Is this another one of Nokia’s famed mess-ups or is it an issue with just that particular handset? There's no way to tell.

An 8 MP camera? Nice, nice.

While the N8 put up a good show, it would be interesting to see how Nokia fares world-wide and in India as well. Knowing the fact that they have a good share of the mobile market, they better be coming out with a good piece this time. Agreed, they’ve had problems regarding the E7 being delayed and other things, but you can still expect them to hit back with a critic-silencing phone! The X7 looks good, has a kick-ass camera and should be offering something more in terms of features. Let’s hope for the best.

Published Date: Dec 09, 2010 03:52 pm | Updated Date: Dec 09, 2010 03:52 pm