Another Foxconn employee indicates an October launch for iPhone 5

It comes as no surprise that the latest iPhone, irrespective of when it is going to launch is already one of the most highly anticipated devices of this year, along with the Samsung Galaxy S III, of course. With a new day comes a new rumour regarding the upcoming iPhone. The last we heard about Apple’s next flagship was that it would be launching in June, which would make it just in time for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple are known to announce their iPhones during this time, usually, with the exception of last year when they announced it in October, straying away from the long standing tradition of a June announcement. In a previous report, a Foxconn recruiter had revealed that the sixth generation iPhone would be ready to be unveiled at the time of the WWDC event and that Foxconn were recruiting up to 18,000 employees to manufacture the device. However, the launch date seems to be shrouded in mystery once more as a report by Kotaku, who obtained the latest bit of information from South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper after a conversation with the head of human resources at Foxconn's Taiyuan factory, stated that the next iPhone will not launch in June.

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June or October? That is the question



The report states, “According to a recently published article, the paper asked the head of human resources at Foxconn's Taiyuan factory about the iPhone 5 release date. The human resources head apparently told the paper, "We just got the order. It [the release] will be around October." If the iPhone does launch in October, then it would be a year since the iPhone 4S was launched.


The move by Apple to release the next iPhone would live up to its yearly cycle. The only time that Apple strayed away from the tradition was when they launched the iPhone 4S, fifteen months after the iPhone 4. It seems that the brand is in no rush to unveil a new iPhone and instead keep the iPhone 4S on the shelves for a whole year. The brand has not changed the design of the iPhone for the past two years and many potential consumers are eagerly anticipating the next iPhone primarily because it expected to feature a design refresh.


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Published Date: Apr 10, 2012 12:44 pm | Updated Date: Apr 10, 2012 12:44 pm