Another concept design of Google Nexus 2 surfaces

A few days ago we saw a concept design of Google Nexus 2 smartphone and were impressed with its looks. The handset cannot bask in the spotlight for too long as another render of what the handset should look like has surfaced with a report by Crave UK, a division of the technology website CNET, portraying the work of Dorian Lust titled the Nexus D.

From the looks of it, this handset also features an edge-to-edge display. However, the interesting bit of this display is that it features a curved touchscreen panel as opposed to the flat display found on most smartphones. The report by CNET states, “The concave touchscreen helps the Nexus D concept nestle in the hypothetical hand, while the kickstand lets you set it down to enjoy high-definition movies and TV. The curved screen is edged by light-up piping to notify you of a new message”.

Comes equipped with a stand

Comes equipped with a stand


As with most concept designs, the creator has listed a few specifications that come with the handset. The Nexus D features a quad-core 1.8GHz processor along with 1.5GB of RAM. As for storage, the device has an internal storage capacity of 32GB or 64GB. There is no word on whether this device is equipped with a micro SD slot, but the inbuilt storage of 64GB should be sufficient for most users.

The website goes on to state, “Built-in NFC lets you pay for things with an airy wave of your phone, or change a bunch of settings in one go by tapping the phone on a pre-programmed NFC tag. Security comes from a fingerprint scanner or a cornea scan that recognises your eye -- watch out for Wesley Snipes holding a pen, obviously. One idea that we like is the option for the accelerometer to unlock the phone by waving the phone in a specific motion”.

The handset is also shock-resistant, and comes equipped with a universal remote that can control an HDTV or a hi-fi system at home. Apart from this, it also features a laser pointer that can assist you during presentations.

There is no word on the optics of the camera but the phone does feature a front-facing shooter, which can be useful for video calls. This concept smartphone is also equipped with a stand that can be used to prop up the device while watching content or browsing the web.

Again we would like to state that this device is a concept phone designed for what the artist wishes the device to look like. There is only a slim chance that when the next Google Nexus smartphone launches it will look like this or any other concept design released.

Do share your thoughts on this new concept design of the Google Nexus D and if you would buy it if it looked like this. Also, comparing it with the previous concept, which model would you prefer, design-wise?

Published Date: Aug 10, 2012 01:56 pm | Updated Date: Aug 10, 2012 01:56 pm