Another 19,000 apps ported to BB10. Will BlackBerry win?

BlackBerry 10 seems to be getting a respectable app library. According to the Register, developers have ported 19,000 more apps to BlackBerry 10 in the recent Port-a-Thon hosted by RIM. This is a significant increase over the previously announced 15,000 apps.

The deadline of the port-a-thon was extended by RIM because of the huge response. While the company is facing quite a task trying to ensure BlackBerry 10 gets a grand welcome, it is trying to do all it can to make sure users do not have to face a shortage of apps post the launch. RIM is serious about making its newest OS stand out and the Port-a-Thon is testament to it.

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RIM put its money where its mouth is, quite literally, as it announced that it will be dishing out $100 per approved app to developers in this event. The promise of a cash prize seemed to be alluring enough for the Port-a-Thon to clock in 15,000 apps that began at noon on January 11 and ended just before midnight on January 13.

There were more than just cash rewards up for grabs. RIM promised BlackBerry hardware to developers who went that extra mile. Developers submitting between two and five applications were eligible for a BlackBerry PlayBook, while those who authored more than five approved apps entered a lucky draw to receive a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.

While it isn’t possible that every single app will get approved, in a hypothetical situation if it did, RIM would be spending over $1.5 million paying developers as an incentive to submit their apps.

The Port-a-Thon is worth drawing comparisons with the Windows Phone app store. Relatively a new platform compared to the flailing BlackBerry one, Windows Phone had found fewer takers due to its lack of apps.

Microsoft had to strive hard to lure developers into building apps for Windows Phone. The problem intensified with the launch of Windows Phone 8. Microsoft threw open its app certification program in December and saw a 40 percent rise in app submissions for Windows 8 since its launch.

Microsoft kept the app certification program open for most of late December, including what is considered as the festive season, in order to combat quality app shortage in the Windows Phone Store. In fact, the only days Microsoft certifiers took an off were December 24, 25 and January 1 in order to meet the festive deadlines of apps.

Microsoft is also urging developers to go for worldwide distribution of their apps by working with the Dev Centre in order to maximise the reach of new markets, where a variety of new Windows Phones have or will soon be released.

Published Date: Jan 22, 2013 03:26 pm | Updated Date: Jan 22, 2013 03:26 pm